Shipping/Receiving Clerk

Job Description

Prepare shipments for pickup, including picking and packaging orders. Receive incoming shipments, including unloading product, verifying product, and properly log actions taken.

Duties & Responsibilities


  1. Inspect ready to ship items for specified packaging techniques.
  2. Procure packing list numbers from production control for ready to ship items.
  3. Enter all shipments in the shipping log.
  4. Load ready to ship parts & materials.
  5. Band and/or wrap parts & material to ensure safe & secure shipment.
  6. Verify ready to ship tag information.
  7. Put finish wrapped parts in staging area to be shipped out.


  1. Inspect all incoming loads for secure packaging before unloading.
  2. Unload delivery trucks.
  3. Enter received goods in the receiving log.
  4. Fill out & attach receiving tags to incoming parts.
  5. Verify goods unloaded with invoices.
  6. Report all damaged items to shipping receiving foreman.
  7. Take rework to rework area only if properly identified.
  8. Know location of all raw parts.
  9. Maintain respectful and pleasant communication with customer's truck drivers.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • Operate forklifts in accordance with Forklift Operator's Handbook & License.
  • Meet attendance, safety and behavioral requirements.


2nd shift, 11 am - 7 pm