Responsible for directing the daily activities of the warehouse, including labor scheduling, supervision, proper utilization of space, equipment, and manpower, and adherence to safety, security, and housekeeping policies. The Supervisor is accountable for the safe, efficient, and economical operation of the facility and equipment.


  • Forecasts estimated workload, manpower, and equipment requirements in assigned work area
  • Sets performance objectives to meet customer service requirements
  • Creates detailed action plans specifying sequence of activities and procedures to be followed
  • Defines duties and responsibilities of subordinate positions
  • Organizes his subordinate positions into logical work groups
  • Creates and maintains communication processes with customers and Shippers Automotive Group managers and subordinates
  • Provides all necessary tools and supplies to keep work responsibilities at peak performance
  • Aids in the selection of qualified warehouse associates
  • Provides realistic orientation and training for all new associates
  • Trains and develops associates as needed
  • Makes certain that associates understand that the work is to be done right the first time
  • Tracks the performance of associates and the work group. Monitors compliance with good housekeeping and safety procedures
  • Rewards associates for high performance
  • Assists associates in improving their performance as necessary


A supervisor or manager must possess a high school diploma, GED certification, or other equivalent qualification. It is to their advantage to have a college degree or be actively engaged in pursuing a college degree. Work experience in related warehouse operations and demonstrated leadership is recommended. Must also have experience in all aspects of warehousing.


Battle Creek, MI